Deck Stairs Improperly Installed?

by GA Homeowner

We are finishing up a deck reno and are concerned about the stairs from the deck to the landing. See photo.

Of concern is the way the stairs "sit" on the landing - approximately 3 inches only - the rest floating free.

Contractor is going to put bracing underneath so it's more secure, but is this satisfactory? Also, cracks have begun appearing on the stress line of the two outside stringers. We're told that these are not really "cracks" but simply the normal imperfection of "milled wood".

Can they be reinforced properly or should the entire set be taken down and redone? Thank you in advance for all comments!

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Oct 05, 2011
Not a great way to build stairs
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

The stair stringers should be entirely on the landing. The measuring was not done correctly to put it mildly.

Yes it can be reinforced with a post or beam midway up the stringer and really should be. This is a fairly amateur job unfortunately but that would save it.

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