Deck Support Posts Rotting at Base

by Ted

Support Posts Rotting At Bases - Need Repairs

Support Posts Rotting At Bases - Need Repairs

I own a seven year old townhome with a 2nd floor deck with log posts and railings that need replacing due to rot.

The log materials are untreated pine that was stained after installation (see attached photo). The posts are resting directly on a concrete slab – I don’t know whether or not there were piers dug and poured under the slab.

They want to replace the rotten wood with the same untreated pine log materials – I was told that they “treat it” prior to installation. I assume that means that they stain it. If it’s repaired in this manner, I’ll likely be replacing it again in seven years.

The repairs are at the cost of the owner but must be approved by a board. Please advise me of any precautions or installation methods that might prevent premature rot if they insist on using untreated pine logs.

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