Decks - Pergolas - Gazebos - 3 of The Most Common Backyard Projects

No surprise that decks, pergolas and gazebos are probably the three most common backyard home improvements for homeowners.

People love their decks and pride themselves in having a beautiful outdoor living space - an extension of the home - to enjoy the warmer months.

White pergola roof over spa hot tub and deck

Pergolas, on the other hand are beautiful entrance way arches that define gates or walkways.

They compliment fences or they can also act like a open air roof structures over a deck. See some super affordable plans from

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A pergola can be the perfect touch to finish off a patio such as this hot tub spa. See some super affordable plans from

Traditional cedar gazebo

Gazebos are beautiful roof covered structures, usually open to the air or can be screened and are places to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Hot tubs are often fitted into gazebos to provide coverage from the rain or even snow during the winter months.

If you would like to learn more about each of these topics click on decks, pergolas or gazebos below and I will discuss such things as design options, building tips, and where to you can get started.

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