Design ideas for hot tub on deck

by Deb Hagerty
(Valparaiso, IN)

Our Large Deck Across Back of House

Our Large Deck Across Back of House

I've been trying to come up with design ideas for a hot tub with a roof addition but am having great difficulty working up a plan that will tie in to my current roof.

In the attached photo the hot tub is under the deck in the right hand corner but we want to move it so it's easily accessible to the upper deck, by the sliding glass doors.

We were thinking of having it on a platform so it'd be recessed in the current deck, sticking up about 24 inches or so.

I was hoping to avoid blocking the lower windows which are the kitchen and bedroom windows. But how can this be designed and built?

There are builders around here to do it and cost isn't the issue, it's just that they want to know how I want it and I can't figure that out.

Could someone please give me an idea of where to put it and how to tie in the roof? Any ideas will be appreciated.

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Aug 05, 2014
More on Properly Designing Hot Tub decks
by: total fence inc

Yes, you are suggested a very critical design.

But you can contact a local deck designer and build your deck with the help of a specialist. They will also give you proper trending deck design ideas which will suit your property and enhance your look of your property.

Deck Contractors like Total Fence Inc (Toronto) provides deck design service at affordable rate as per customer needs and tastes. You can find other similar companies using the Find A Pro button at the top of each page of this site.

Jul 14, 2013
Tub should be on the top of the deck
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

You are facing some very tricky building challenges based on the request you have made.

Hot Tubs

First of all any time a hot tub is intended to sit on a ledger connected deck you have to be very confident the ledger connection and the framing and then the supporting beam, posts and footing and soil can all safely bear the loads. Consider that a hot tub with water and people could weigh as much as 6000 lbs and distributed over about 96 sqft and then shared along the ledger board joists and a single beam and only two support posts as shown in your picture.

You mention setting the tube below the deck surface but without blocking the lower window. This is a physical impossibility so I would look at have the deck on the level with the sliding patio doors but make certain you have reinforced and designed that part of the deck to handle the load easily.

Call a local engineer for this to get the proper guidance.

Adding a New Roof Extension

There is no cheap way to do this and have it look good. My opinion is that you could really end up with something ugly looking without the proper advice from a local architect. Yes, this will cost some money but not that much. And the cost of doing this wrong is huge.

You have posed some very tricky design questions and in this case it should involve some professionals to get the final details right. My one strong feeling on this is however that the hot tub should sit on the deck level and not be set in given the window below. Hope this helps.

Anyone else with some better ideas?

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