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When you start building a deck you will find that good drills and tools such as air nailers, chisels and cutting tools are essential to build a deck that looks like a pro did it. 

I love good tools.  Over the years I have accumulated quite a few. Here are some of the most important drills and tools that come to mind.

Here's What You Need to Start Drilling and Building

Air Compressor

Compressor and nail gun

A good air compressor allows you to use all kinds of pneumatic tools to make your job go so much faster and smoother. However, you have to be sure it is capable of enough pressure to run some of the bigger tools.

There are excellent smaller portable compressors available today that can run any tool.  The tanks are often smaller to make them more maneuverable and therefore they run more often in order to keep the tank full. You choose what's best for you.

Air Nailer

Everybody dreams of having an air nailer to make building and framing go smoothly. But in all honesty you really only need one for the framing of the deck sub structure.  That said, you may have other projects in mind where a good air nailer would be worth investing in. 

Compressor and nail gun

Variable Speed Drill Screw Gun and Bits

This is one of the most useful drilling tools you can have. A variable speed drill makes it very easy to slowly shoot screws without stripping the head. It gives you way more control and creates a better finished product. NOTE: For concrete and other hard material, consider a hammer drill.

There are all kinds of other useful bits and hardware to make your effort easier. The right tool for the job is all that it takes.

Compressor and nail gun
Compressor and nail gun


No carpenter is without a sharp chisel. A good chisel is worth its weight in gold.  It is good for all kinds of things the least of which is, cleaning out dados grooves for railing posts.

Compressor and nail gun

Hammer and Nail Set

Get a solid, well balanced hammer like an anti-vibration hammer or something of similar quality. Using a good hammer is like driving a Mercedes compared to a jalopy. It reduces elbow stress too. A nail set is also very useful especially for finishing nails on deck boards or other aesthetic locations.

Compressor and nail gun
Compressor and nail gun


Compressor and nail gun

This telescopic compact device attaches to any handheld cordless drill (3/8" chuck) and delivers precise push or pull power to straighten any type of board. 

It's your third hand on the job site! This means you can get into tighter spaces to:

  • straighten any board
  • compress bowed joists down onto supporting beams
  • pull fascia boards around curves

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Where Can You Get These Drill And Tools?

Just head down to any local building supply store such as Home Depot, Lowes...  and you should find all the cutting drills and tools you need.

It's easy, so get out there and start building that backyard deck today!

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