Eco Friendly Patio Renovations

Eco friendly home improvements are something people think a lot about these days.

Many homeowners are taking the initiative to keep Mother Nature in mind when performing renovations to their homes. Today it is easier than ever to make home improvements without harming the environment.

Every little bit helps when it comes to nature.

If you keep a few simple ideas in mind when renovating things like your patio, then you can be sure that you are doing your part to help keep our planet happy and healthy.

Tip 1

For starters, if your patio is in need of some TLC, do your best to avoid harmful chemicals like pesticides and weather proofing stains when tending to your deck or patio furniture.

There are many organic alternatives to these popular chemicals that will have the same effect, without depleting the ozone or poisoning your yard. These stains are easy to find in most home good stores and will most likely clearly state that they are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemicals.

Tip 2

If you are in the market for new furniture pieces, consider buying teak wood furniture which is naturally fortified with teak oil. Teak oil is 100% organic and will help protect your furniture from the elements without hurting the environment. This eliminates the need for stains and is a great all natural way to furnish your deck or patio.

Teak furniture is also more durable than plastic patio furniture and is a worthwhile investment if you want your furniture to stand the test of time.

Tip 3

Adding some plant life to your patio will not only make it more visually appealing, but will also help lessen the distinction between your home and nature.

Adding some green to your patio will attract birds and other wildlife which can help you feel more in tune with nature and can be very relaxing. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, plant life is also a great way to decorate your patio without producing waste.

Once you decide to replace your plants you can easily dispose of them in your yard and return them to the Earth from which they came. The best way to make an impact on the environment is to try your best not to make any impact at all.


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