Enough to support a hot tub?

by Derril
(Columbus, OH)

I am building a freestanding, 8' x 8' deck to support a hot tub. The hot tub will weigh 4,100 pounds when it's full of water. I did use your footing calculator (great tool) and I THINK I have enough in the plan to support it, but I want to be CERTAIN. Here are a few details...

Assume soil bearing of 2000 PSF
5 supporting beams (single 2 x 6 pressure treated pine)
3 support blocks per beam. Using a common deck block I got from Lowes (7" x 11" x 11")
36" OC between support blocks
18" OC between beams
12" of overhang all around
Top decking will also be 2 x 6 pressure treated pine for added support

Is this enough?

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