Feedback on deck price ????

by Shane
(New Jersey)

I'm recently built a deck in New Jersey and was just wandering what the general consensus would say about what I charged a client for a free-standing 12 x 12 pool deck with a 4x8 landing that connects the main house deck to the pool deck.

The landing is approx. 30" off the ground with vinyl railings and a set of steps(36" wide) with railings coming down each side.

The main pool deck is approx. 4' off the ground also with vinyl railings and all decking and fascia boards are done in Timbertech composite materials.

The base consist of (8)3'x 12" holes with 16" thick concrete footing. The post are 6x6 which support a doubled up 2x10 beam(x2)pool deck and landing. All the rim and floor joist are 2x8 and all rail and stair posts are 4x4pt covered with white vinyl sleeves.

The homeowner put out most of the cost for the materials so I'm mot sure what the total material cost was.

However, I charged him a total of $2,400 for labor($2,400/176sq = $13.64sq')and for two guys I had 6 days invested in the project.

We agreed prior to beginning that the job would be billed hourly and the homeowner was advised the project would take at least 4-5 days. Due to material set-backs and weather I had to go to a sixth day.

It should be noted that the second helper which I paid was pretty much just a second set of hands with limited skills & knowledge of deck building.

So I ask does this seem like a fare rate and how do you prefer to charge customers? By the hour? By the job? Or is it a mixed decision depending on the situation?

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Jul 18, 2012
Licensed and insured with permit?
by: Anonymous

Not sure how N.J. works. If you are Licensed and insured and a permit was pulled and all IRC specs were followed then I would say that was a fair price for the labor provided.

If you warranty your work and stand behind it the customer should be pleased. This of course is all based on top quality professional work done all the way down to fit and finish. Job price or time and materials depends on customer needs.

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