Floating or Ledger Attached Porch Deck?

by Ed

I want to make landing at our front entrance which is four feet above grade. The size will be 8' along the house and coming out 10'.

Do I need to attach this to my house, and what is the minimum I can lower the deck to have a step up into the doorway( so the deck doesn't look so high on the front of the house)?

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May 14, 2011
Keep these points in mind
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

You can always use a floating deck concept as long as the deck is not attached to the ledger and so long as the deck is below certain heights as mandated by your local building department. A safe height to never go above is 6' for a free standing deck but you still need lots of bracing to keep it from wobbling.

The deck should never be lower than the minimum code rise for a set of stairs. That is typically 7-3/4". Any more than that and you will need a small step.

The minute you attach a structure to the house is has to be sitting on a foundation that is below frost depth or you will potentially have varying movement between the structure and the house causing damage.

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