A Free Standing Hot Tub Deck Design

A free standing hot tub deck can be designed to sit away from the house.

Top view of deck and tub

Floating decks are nothing new. They offer many benefits, such as easier installation and no ledger connections.

But this deck was positioned away from the house so a walkway could be designed.

This allowed foot traffic all around the deck and kept access to the house's rear garage door.

Open your mind to the possibilities depending on what you need for your home.

Layout of backyard deck with hot tub

This house was a single-story rancher/bungalow, so whatever deck was built would have to be low to the ground.

The hot tub was sitting pretty much you see it now. Except there was no deck. It was all by itself.

The challenge here was to build a backyard getaway that created a focus on the deck.

So we created a completely free standing hot tub deck design that draws people in and encourages just hanging out near the spa.

But importantly, a pathway was left intact so people can easily walk alongside the house to access the garage and a storage area at the side of the garage.

Built in benches to define and set the boundary

Wrapped stairs

Benches were carefully built around the outer edge of the deck and framed with planters on opposite ends.

A third planter was placed in the middle to break up the long-distance of bench.

Using benches in this way gives a feeling of security and defines that part of the deck as a space to relax around the table and chairs.

It also provides a measure of safety even though this deck did not require guard rails.

The corners of the deck were softened with 45-degree angles, as were the stairs.

Cascading Stairs

Side view of stairs

Another useful technique to keep a sizeable expansive deck open and inviting is to use cascading steps.

These stairs do not restrict foot traffic. You can enter or leave the deck any way you wish.

They can be tricky to build, and there are various techniques from building platforms on top of each other to traditional stringers.

Using stringers tends to result in tricky compound angles having to be used.

But the end of the result is one of openness and an invitation to delight yourself in this backyard oasis.

Color contrasts to create more visual interest.

Railing around the deck

The use of contrasting colors can soothe the eye and break up what otherwise might be a bit monochromatic and dull.

You will see that here in this image of the deck railing where the top rail is a slightly darker tone than the balusters.

The top cap piece around the planters was also stained darker to create a similar effect.

A hot tub on its own - or a complete deck

Consider free standing deck designs where possible.

This backyard had to have a floating deck. The house was a single-story and already low to the ground rendering a ledger connection more hassle than it was worth. But access was needed alongside the house.

A structure set away from the house like this, can then accommodate that design need. And the end of the result is quite beautiful.

So there is another stylist tip for your toolbox.

For more tips on designing, check this video on our Youtube Channel.

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