Getting cost quotations for a deck...opinions?

by Anon

We are having a 16 X 16 deck built by a contractor. The wood is called Muranti which is a Phillipines hardwood, sometimes called mahogany, but not genuine mahogany so should cost a lot less.

I priced it out at a few lumber yards and came up with LF of about 550 ft x $2.75 for an estimated total of around $1500 for the wood. It will connect to the back door on the first floor of the house.

There will be a new 4 X 4 or so landing added with one step down to the landing then 2 or 3 steps down to the deck which will be only 10 - 16" above ground. The only railing is at the stairs.

There will be a step down from the main level of the deck to the ground only in about 1/3 of the perimeter as the ground level increases about 6" in a slope away from the house. No benches or anything else. The only demo is a set of 4 steps down from the back door. The quote is $12k.

I know the materials cost more than the Muranti as there are stainless steel screws, PT joists, cement and piers (8 estimated) plus overhead for tools and sealer product.

I live in Rhode Island which is not listed on the chart for price/sq. foot. Any opinions on estimated cost for this job?

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