How About A Glass Deck Railing?

Nothing compares to a glass deck railing for clarity of view.

When you have a view to show off, glass is definitely the best way to build your deck railings.

And a glass railing system offers some things that a cable system does not.

Cable rails are still visible and wind can still pass through. But with glass, whether it is in balusters or full panels, you get all the pros, not the cons.

Cape Cod style with cable

And in some areas, horizontal members that can assist climbing are not allowed.

Whether it is an aluminum or wood frame, adding a glass sectional component can open up your world.

Aluminum Or Wood - You Decide

Aluminum post and rail systems provide minimal clutter and maximum view.

Durability, low maintenance and clean appearance are key features of metal materials like aluminum.

In this installation, over looking the Cascade mountain range, the glass panels are fitted into the grooved posts.

This reduces wind on the deck and in this area, where the wind kicks up each summer afternoon, is the logical choice.

Lighting under top rail

This particular system is available from DekRail.

Many other panels are set off from the post creating about a 1" gap. Nothing wrong with this at all.

Wood can easily be used with a glass deck railing whether its a suburban or rural outdoor setting.

This incredibly cozy wood deck nestled in a pine forest above a crystal clear lake is perfect for glass balusters.

Baluster rather than full size panels are readily available and secure to the rails either in dado grooves or molded holders.


Lighting under top rail
Lighting under top rail

Take A Closer Look

The 4" spacing between the balusters lets the gentle summer breeze softly through. But you get full effect of the view of the lake without visual obstruction.

This system used a low profile internal surface mounted wood post anchor system to make the installation quick and easy.

It's called the Titan Post Anchor.

And another benefit is the posts are not in contact with wet deck or joist boards prolonging their life.

An Attractive Mix of Natural And Synthetic Materials

Rather than metal, the wood posts and rails seem perfect contrasting with glass in this natural environment.

You actually feel like you are perched in the canopy of the forest from this deck.

Thanks to a glass railing you don't have to stare at a heavy looking vertical jungle of wood or aluminum balusters.

Lighting under top rail

Only Safety Glass Can Be Used

All glass that is used must be tempered so that if it ever breaks, it falls into small pieces without any jagged edges. Just make sure you see on the package or the glass itself a marking showing it has been tempered.

What Does Your Deck Need To Show It Off?

A glass deck railing may be exactly what is missing from your deck building plan and design.

You have seen what is possible.

Whether you like the look of metal like an aluminum frame or the connection to nature with wood rails. Its all possible to incorporate glass.

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