Hanging a Heavy Gate Using Titan Post Anchor

by Chris
(North Carolina)

Does anyone know if the 4x4 Titan Post Anchor is strong enough to keep a post straight with at 60lb gate attached to it?

Editor's Comments

The 4x4 post anchor is best suited for residential deck railing applications with common post heights of 36" and maximum post spacing center to center of 6'. So if you are planning to hang a 60lbs gate from one of the posts and the gate is wide, such as more than 36" and the post is completely free standing, the 4x4 would not be recommended.

It could be used but I would think it will be too wobbly as the gate swings around unless the post is tied back into a series or plurality of posts and rail sections behind. That could change the dynamics entirely.

So the answer to your question depends on these variables.

However, the 6x6 post anchor would likely work very well and look nice as well. It could work as a free standing and hold a 36" wide gate at that weight just fine from our experience using it for fence posts on concrete.

We have installed the 6x6 at 6' tall and at 6' post spaces for common wood fencing on foundation walls with excellent results so likely this would be a better solution for your gate.

Something Brand New For 2017

Here is a bit of teaser but the folks at Titan Building Products just never stop dreaming. Their latest arrival scheduled to hit the market in 2017 is their finest wood post anchor yet. Smaller and stronger than anything we have ever seen. It will perform like a fully steel structural post but is for showing off beautiful wood posts or just use a treated post with a sleeve over top. And it works for posts as tall as 6'.

So thanks to people like you, they are constantly creating new solutions for the unique situations and problems you encounter. Hope this has been helpful.

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