Help!!! Building Cost for a Deck Question

by Mark Tobin
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

I own a duplex and contracted to build two decks.

The main floor deck is 280 sq ft (20x14) and the upper deck is 140 sq ft. Both these decks were tied into existing staircases.

Hired someone to build my deck and was quoted $8,250 for labor and spent another $7,000 on materials and rentals.

The total is $15,250 or 36.31/sq ft. I feel this is high can someone give me some feedback.

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Aug 11, 2009
Seems Like an Expensive Deck Job
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

If you paid $36 a sq ft I would have think that came with a lot of bells and whistles because for a basic wood deck, particularly in pressure treated wood is at the high end of the scale.

But it should be said that pricing for trades varies greatly from city to city. Large urban centers might have a shortage of trades and a lot of eager people looking for builders.

Higher prices.

On the other hand more remote rural locations generally have lower prices as the clientele tends to be more average level income earners. And exception to this is places up in the far north like say Alaska or the Yukon.

Up there, its expensive to bring all the materials in. Everything is usually more expensive.

That said, your deck in Montreal seems pricey unless there is more to it.

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