Help, We're Surrounded!

by Steve
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

We've got a typically small and exposed suburban backyard.

Our back sliding door elevation is higher then the neighbors behind & to the sides of us. We're planning on building a 2-level deck, one upper 10x16 and a lower 10x12 to hold a hot tub.

What's the best way to ensure some privacy for the upper deck, as well as for the lower hot tub area?

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Jun 13, 2009
Small Backyard Decks
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

Its a common problem to when you have a small backyard and neighbors to both sides, compounded with a fairly high first floor elevation above grade.

I prefer to try to avoid have a large deck area at floor level if you have neighbors close by. Otherwise you end up feeling like you are living on a stage 24 hours a day with very little privacy.

See the video below where I explain more...

My tendency is to create landing opening area on the first floor deck with enough room to be able to move about if people are coming and going and even maybe to have room for one or two chairs.

But it is clearly not designed to be a major congregation area. Too visible. Too high up. But then you can make things interesting by having a couple different sets of stairs going off alternating sides of the deck to lower level decks.

I would even consider one set of stairs going to an intermediate area where you might like to relax, or eat. The other stairs might go down to the lowest level where the tub is. The tub level and the intermediate level could be only 8" difference in elevation or greater if you prefer with steps.

The point is trying to make the deck elevations that are below the first floor larger and where you will spend most of your time - out of sight from the folks next door. Those are my thoughts.

If there are any builders out there with some suggestions feel free to help out.

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