Hetra Power Hand - Board Straightener

This is one of the higher quality board straightener tools I have seen.  A lot of thought when into developing it and I like it for several reasons.

First you don't need open joists to use it, so it can push and pull from the top surface of boards, in against walls and other tight spaces. It has an adjustable joist gripper too so you can use it in unique situations.

I especially like the fact that it is designed to be used standing up. It’s the only tool in this class that allows for that.

It also has a lot of power up to 220 lbs. The ratchet system allows for easy hands-free work. The bottom of it is padded so you don't scratch up the boards.

No doubt whatsoever, this is a top of the line tool. 

The only negative comment I can make is, and it depends on your preferences, is that it’s a bit bigger than the other simpler tools.  But in return, you can use it in more applications.

It's good value at $160 in terms of how well made it is. Before you invest, take good stock of your needs to ensure you will require everything it can do.

Recently we have had trouble finding Hetra on the web and so this product may no longer be available and therefore, we suggest you try to contact the company directly to determine its local availability.

MSRP - $160

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