How to attach an extension to my deck?

by Jill
(Winnipeg, Canada)

I need some help on how to attach an extension to my deck.

I have a 4ft(D)x 7ft(W) deck off my back door at the cottage I would like to add on another 8ft(d) as a screened room. Please See image.

Can I add two more 2X6 on the other side of the 4X4 and just use longer bolts.

Editor's Comments

You could bolt them to the side of the post but then all the load is supported by the sheer strength of those bolts.

You might wish to secure a 2x4 along side the post and under the beam and terminating on the surface of the footing.

This would take load away from the bolts and distribute it to the footing.

The other thing to consider is the load carried by that post is now going to increase as part of the load from the new deck will be borne by it.

So long at the increased load which is in turn imposed on the soil below the footing is not greater than the soil's bearing capacity, everything would theoretically be fine.

That is the theory.

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