How to Care for Bamboo Decking

A few tips on how to care for bamboo is all you need for your deck.

Bamboo has really grown in popularity over the past number of year for decks.

It's an incredible building material.

But of course, virtually every deck needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Here are some great tips to properly care for your deck.

And in fact, many manufacturers will insist that you follow these tips as normal maintenance in order to get their full warranty.

Seal The Ends Of Boards

Use a wax sealer and coat the ends of each board shortly after they have been cut.

This is important and will really maintain the beauty and stability of your boards over their lifetime.


This is one thing you may not want to hear but you have to do it if you want your warranty to apply.

Seal or finish all sides of the boards before installing them. So not only do you have to wax seal the ends, you must apply the finishing compound onto the other four surfaces.

Apply thin coats because bamboo is dense and the finish may pool not dry properly. One of those flat style brushes is better than a roller for this kind of task.

Consider Using Oils

Sometimes, sealers may not be adequate. And because this is still very much an experimental decking material for North America, consider that you may have to find a good exterior oil that is suitable for tropical hardwoods.

I say this not as an authority - because I am not - but from my experience with weather on outdoor materials and what hot and cold extreme temperatures can do. I urge you to look further into proper maintenance issues and be sure you understand this material.


This is something many people do not consider.

Just like composite decking has guidelines to ensure a minimum amount of air flow around the boards, so to does this wood.

You must maintain at least 1/8" gaps between the boards. Also don't use bamboo if all sides of the deck are going to be almost in contact with the ground and air flow is going to be extremely limited.

Wash With A Little Soap And Water

Typical washing of the deck surface with some warm soap and water does the trick. 

Wash deck with soap and water

No revelations here. Soap and water is common sense and will remove many forms of dirt and debris from the finished bamboo surface.

If you want the wood to regain its original color, removing of the finish and application of a wood brightener is required.

Be careful if you use a power washer as you can certainly remove a layer of finish quickly.

But you can also remove a lot of wood fiber and damage the texture its' appearance.

There you have it. Some simple but essential tips on how to care for bamboo. Its similar but a bit more detailed than a regular wood deck.

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