How to cover galvanized pipe posts with wood for no maintenance post cover

by Natalie
(Long Island, NY)

I have existing 2 3/8 outer diameter galvanized pipe (used as a post) on a cement deck and would like to use a 4 X 4 trex post cover and rail system. The galvanized pipe has two holes where bolts were used for an old wood deck rail.

Any suggestions on how to build up the pipe with wood.

The Trex rail system screws into the post cover and wood inside of post cover with 1 1/2 inch screws. Would really like to use a no maintenance product instead of wood to replace the railings. thanks

Editor's Comments:

This is a great idea and not too hard to do if you are handy.

Shim The Post

What you have to do if enlarge the metal post so it's dimensions match the inside dimensions of the Trex post sleeve. You are going to have to buy a post sleeve and accurately determine the inner dimensions.

Then you will need to cut up some lumber and secure it to the sides of the post at the top and bottom of the post.

This will entail some attention to detail and I cannot get into all the techniques in this short response. However, you could drill through the wood and the post and then slide bolts through and counter sink the heads.

All of this is pretty basic to do and leaves you will the perfect match. Then slide the sleeve over.

Hope this helps.

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