How to Remove Titan Post Anchor from a post

by Steve
(Brandon, MS USA)

I realized made a mistake on the 4X4 wood post after installing the anchor. How can I remove the anchor from the post?

Editor's Comments

This is an interesting question and the first time we have ever received such a question. If you have installed a Titan Post Anchor, that is to say you drove the hollow tube deep into the post and screwed in the four lag screws as well and you know want to remove the anchor, here is what you will have to do.

If You Have Not Installed Lag Screws

If the anchor has only been driven into the post and not screwed you can try just tapping the anchor out. This may not work that well if the anchor has been driven into harder wood. You have tap around the base of the anchor around the post and it is time consuming. So for the fastest method just go to the next step...

Remove The Lag Screws

Use an impact wrench or a hand held socket and unscrew the lags from the post.

Cut Post Above The Post Anchor

Mark a pencil line across the post width at 4". You will have to cut the post off but because the base of the anchor sticks out from the peripheral of the post you cannot just lay it down on a cutting table and cut it at an angle. It's dangerous to do that because once the blade cuts through the post it is likely to pinch against the blade and catch the teeth.

So you will have to put a piece of lumber underneath the post like a 1x4 or something about 3/4" thick. Now everything is level and cutting through the post will be safe and easy.

Remove Wood Around The Tube

Using a work bench take a 1" chisel and a hammer and break off the corners of the post and work in a circular manner and continue breaking away the post around the tube until you have completely removed the wood leaving the exposed tube.

Punch Wood Out Of The Tube

For this last step you will need to set the post anchor upside down in a vice. Using a cylindrical steel rod with a flat head (this could be anything) punch the wood core out of the tube. A couple taps is all you need and it should release. Now you are ready to use the post anchor again on another post.

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