How to stop a noisy aluminum baluster on vinyl railing system?

I have just installed a new vinyl railing system with aluminum balusters. The railings have aluminum reinforced inserts on the top and bottom rails.

When I walk on the deck I can hear the balusters vibrating (or at least it appears that way) and it echos through the vinyl railing structure.

I still have to install the stair railings and the railing on a lower platform and would like to prevent the noise prior to installing the remaining railings. Any ideas on how to stop this? Thanks!

Editor's Comments:

Unfortunately this is not an uncommon problem - squeaky or vibrating noises from vinyl railing systems.

The Problem

Every manufacturer has their own system and some or more refined than others. Things which can contribute to noise emanating from the railing or baluster components range from:

poorly designed fastening components;
over sized baluster openings;
loose fittings;
too much room for metal or aluminum inserts in side the vinyl skin

The last one is the most typical culprit because a vinyl railing is usually nothing more than a metal skeleton with vinyl coverings fitted over it.

Possible Solutions

If all the connections between the rails and posts and the balusters and rails are indeed tight, it should greatly reduce movement and reduce the sliding of the vinyl cover skins on each other.

That is the first place to try to deal with the problem. Tighten everything very well.

If everything is tight but you are getting squeaking among the vinyl then it becomes tougher to fix because you would have to come up with some way of further preventing vinyl on vinyl sliding or putting a stuffing material inside or around the metal frames to keep the vinyl snug.

If the metal frame is tight, its really a challenge to fix this and is one of the draw backs of the vinyl railing products.

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Apr 01, 2023
I’ve cured it. NEW
by: Anonymous

On Amazon I found tubes of resin that applies like glue but in the sun, after about 20 mins to an hour hardens as solid plastic.

I tried many things. If you live in a condo, and noises might likely be coming from the unit above since their balcony connects to the ceiling and rattles the metal framing in the ceiling and walls. Get your neighbors above to apply the resin to lose rails and your problems will be gone.

Good luck.

Jun 12, 2020
Fixing Noisy Vinyl Deck Rails.
by: huberoy123

I use dental picks with the flat handles to solve my noisy vinyl rails problem, Cost about $3 a pack of 100. I located the area where the railing was loose and causing the noise. Used a small flat screwdriver to gently separate the joint and slid the dental pick into the hole, until the flat area of the pick filled the area. Noise gone.

Apr 09, 2016
Noisy railing solution
by: Anonymous

Would epoxy glue at baluster insertion perimeter help reduce the noise?

Or would bubble wrap strips inserted at bottom of the lower rail help? Balusters would be resting on bubble wrap padding.

Editor's Comments

These are interesting suggestions and my work. Given you are trying to fix an already installed aluminum railing system some kind of creative fix like this might be your only option.

For the benefit of our readers, I would like to point you to an aluminum railing system available in the United States - sorry folks if you are elsewhere - its just this one came to mind. It's made by Color Guard Railing Systems.

Very high quality and the designers thought of this problem in advance. They have an extruded pvc U channel that slides in the top and bottom rails.

What this does is grip and clamp the baluster firmly and you never get that rattling sound again.

If you think this is a good idea you can learn more here.

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