Humming Noise On Verandah Railings

by Keith

We have a really loud humming noise coming from our metal veranda posts and rails when the wind blows. It keeps us awake. The system seems to be well put together but the noise is horrible! Even the neighbours hear it.

Built by Stirling Homes in South Australia.

Any ideas as to what may be the cause and how to fix it?

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This is an interesting situation. The first area of investigation I would look at is the possibility that the wind is moving at such a velocity against the metal railings that the two begin to resonate synchronously. It's just my first thought but could be totally wrong.

You do not say that the railing is rattling like you would expect to hear if the railing components were loose and banging against each other.

It almost sounds as if the railing is so well fitted together that it therefore has a unique and discreet resonance value. When the wind starts to vibrate it, there is no sound until the vibration frequency hits the internal frequency of the metal railing.

What you have described sounds almost how a musical instrument performs. If all the parts of a guitar are loose you never get any vibration or music from it. But if you set a properly tuned string into motion you can usually feel the entire body of the guitar resonate or vibrate in unison.

Maybe you have discovered a brand new way to make music, albeit in a rather annoying environment.

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Nov 29, 2015
Tips to stop wind vibrating railings
by: From a windy place

Resonating deck railing

I live in a very windy spot. I would try some shrubs in front of railing to disturb the air guitar effect.

Also something weaved in between the balusters or rungs of spindles or even a plastic valance with squares behind the railing might help.

Anything to disrupt the air blowing freely through the railings. I'm using Plexiglas for our railing.

We are on the top of a hill and it blows so much that we have to tie our hot tub lid down to keep it on. Good luck.

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