I Want a Spa and Deck Area Too

by Lance Beazley
(San Jose, CA)

I am getting ideas together for a new deck with a spa but I would like to place the spa down below the deck in such a way that when the spa is covered you do not see anything but deck.

The top lip of the spa would be below the deck and the cover would be flush with the deck. The top of the cover would be made of the same material as the deck.

Then when we entertain we have the additional deck space and the spa is out of sight. When we want the spa we lift the cover sections and there it is.

The deck is off the first floor so the spa would sit on the ground. The equipment bay would face the back edge of the deck for easy service or it may be better to do a spa shell and separate equipment.

The cover would need to be in sections to keep it light enough to lift or on some kind of mechanical pivot off the back edge of the deck.

Have you seen any plans that incorporate this idea?

I am especially interested in how the cover and deck interface might work and what the design of the cover might look like.

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Mar 28, 2016
Good Idea!
by: Phyllis J

Your thought seems to be creative and good. But you have to get it done by only professionals in swimming pool construction so that you get the desired look. In fact such an idea would make the area and its surrounding very elegant. We are a New England pool and patio installer and you can check out the kind of work we do if you are in our area. Check us out at www.ferraripools.com.

Editor's Comments
This is not an endorsement or a sponsored link. We are not receiving any money for this whatsoever but I did review this thread and checked them out myself. They look like a solid company from what I can see and so I felt this might be of real value for any of my visitors who are deep into planning a deck or patio and a spa pool. Exercise prudence and common sense anytime you investigate any company.

-Rich Bergman-

Oct 18, 2009
Lightweight spa cover for deck
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

Your idea for a light weight tub cover made of deck material is intriguing but will require a lot of thought because you may require a unique engineering solution and design to make it both functional and attractive.

Most tubs are at least 96" so your cover would be spanning even more than this and presumably have to support everything above it. I don't have a quick solution for you. Maybe someone else has faced this challenge before.

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