Ideas for wrapping the back of built-in benches

by Ryan W.
(St. Peters, MO)

I added some benches to a deck that I'm finishing up and I'm stumped on how to wrap the back of them. My only idea is to use deck boards (The surface of the deck is Timbertech Tigerwood and Mocha) horizontally. I was hoping to get some ideas from this forum on how to finish.

Editor's Comments

That is a great question. But first off you did a great job. The bench only covers a portion of the deck - the corner area and the rest is fitted with an aluminum picket/baluster style rail which opens up the deck a bit.

So I think you are rather limited in your options but what you have described could look quite nice.

Why not think about different ways you can present the horizontal decking boards as you attach them to the back of the bench?

For example you could you use one solid tone like the fascia board or alternate a complimentary lighter tone colored board. You could also consider lapping them over by about 1" to create a shiplap/siding type of appearance. This would present a bit heavier look but it would add some visual texture and contrast in a nice way.

I think something along those lines is the best way to cover up the framing on the back of the bench but also tie itself back into the style of the deck itself.

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