Install Expansion Joints - Deck Tile Job

The next step while you are installing the deck tiles is to ensure you also install expansion joints.

Remember, an outdoor deck is subject to extreme temperatures. The general rule that Duradek follows is a to have an expansion joint every 8 to 10 feet in every direction.

If the tile has room to expand, they won't crack or lift.

But as you can see from the details in this job, the performance of the tile is also dependent on the heavy duty nature of the deck structure.

Expansion joints are essential for outdoor tile

A Deck Tile Job Should Be A System

This job included 3/4" doug fir plywood with 18% or less moisture content; glued and screwed on 2x10 joists, cement board, Tiledek membrane and special bond coat.

It's a system planned very well so your deck will stay waterproof and perform at the highest levels. This job is almost done...

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