Steps of Attaching Anchor to CONCRETE OR MASONRY SURFACES

The beauty of the Titan Post Anchor is that it can also be installed on to concrete or masonry surfaces.  This will give you a much improved appearance over traditional style large bulky post anchor brackets.  Here is how it is done...

A three step process

Set one screw in the first hole to secure the anchor while pre-drilling the remaining holes. Drill 1/2" deeper than length of screw.

Position post and anchor for final attachment

Once the holes are drilled, remove the template anchor and position the post and anchor over the holes for final attachment.

Fasten concrete screws

One concrete screw per corner is enough to keep the post and anchor secure given the pull out resistance of each screw.

Use a concrete screw

Screws rather than expansion bolts are preferred for their ease of use.  

Tapcon or GRK make good screws. You can check out GRK here.  Also you can check out the Tapcon screws here.

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