Installing Railing Posts With Post Anchor

Installing posts to surfaces with the Titan Post Anchor is a simple matter.

Just use wood screws or concrete screws depending on the type of surface.  Some surfaces which are sloped 3% or more may require shimming.

Step 1: Check For Plumb

Check for plumb at first to see what kind of slope the deck has.

Most decks are sloped no more than 1" every 4'.  That is 2%.

Step 2: Shim If Necessary

If you are installing on wood you can just drive the screws down a bit farther on one side to plumb the post perfectly.

If you are on concrete and you want perfection, use a single stainless or hot zinc galvanized washer as a shim on one side.

Step 3: Install Fasteners

Ignore the green masking tape. This was a vinyl deck surface.  With blocking under the deck surface, six 1/4"x3" or #14x3 screws will do the job.  You can use eight if you like.

With concrete screws, one in each corner is sufficient.

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