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by Mitziart

I love the sturdiness of the post anchors. However I think that your instructions should inform the builder to stain or paint the post and deck before attaching the post holder.

I masked the anchor off with blue painters tape since I needed to stain and when the tape was removed the black paint peeled off in large patches. Now I have to repaint the post holders.

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Nov 01, 2009
Paint on Post Anchors
by: Rich Bergman - Editor

Great comment and thanks for taking time to share your experience.

Here is how we make the anchors. We use regular carbon steel, press and stamp and weld all the parts and then we hot dip galvanize them.

We do not use the electro galvanizing process because while it is still a good surface treatment the hot dip galvanizing finish provides more protection.

This is especially true for use with ACQ treated lumber. That is the plus side.

The downside of galvanzing is that paint does not adhere as well to the surface as it would to raw steel. But I won't sell the titan post anchor as a steel and powder coated offering only because eventually the paint will fail and rust will start.

That would degrade the value of what I want to offer my customers.

So I have chosen to go with the better finish protection of hot dipping and then powder coating the paint even though the paint can chip off or be scraped off easier than if it were just raw steel underneath.

Its a bit of a catch 22 situation but in the end I sleep better at night knowing a paint chip can be very quickly and inexpensively fixed rather than my product rusting.

Your suggestion is great and I will try to work that explanation into the instructions so that customers understand this.

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