Is it normal for water to pool on composite Deck Boards?

by Ken Hydinger
(Brookfield, CT USA)

Last fall my contractor installed a deck at my home using Fiberon Paramount PVC Decking. I didn't notice any pooling of water on the deck boards during or after a rain. The deck was badly damaged by a tree earlier this spring. For the replacement deck, we choose the Fiberon ProTect Advantage Decking in Grey Birch. The Water pooling on the deck boards is very noticeable, and only dissipates through evaporation.

We had the Fiberon Representative visit today to determine if the product was defective. Naturally, he concluded that there was no cupping on the boards that that this is normal for composite deck boards to hold water. The material supplier was also present. I asked him if he had seen this before. He said no.

I am being told by a number of people that composite deck should not pool water on top the deck boards. I wanted to check with the experts on this forum to get your option.

Is this a typical problem with Fiberon. Should I with a different line of Fiberon or a different manufacturer?

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