Is there removable deck railing

by Marie
(Ontario, Canada)

Our deck railing has to be be removed for winter because of the pitch of the roof. The snow during the winter is the problem.

How can you build a railing so that the sections between are easily removed?

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Jul 06, 2013
Wow this will work for us too!
by: Jody Delwo

Very cool! I could use this for sure. Someone is always thinking how to solve problems.

We are building a deck and I don't think we will ever need to remove the railing but I just love the clean look of it.

The other railing connectors we have seen are OK but they stick out around the 2x4 and are clunkier looking.

Jul 06, 2013
The Titan Shadow Rail Connector is the perfect solution
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

This is a great question and for anyone facing this problem there has never been a quick and easy solution for removing a railing section on your deck or from your fence for that matter... until now.

I just finished three years of developing a hidden fastener railing or fence connector that not only looks beautiful and fits completely behind the end of the 2x4 rails, but is easily removable any time if needed.

It's called the Shadow Rail Connector ™ and it is so easy and fast to use anyone of any skill can do it and build the most beautiful looking deck railings imaginable. And it's very inexpensive.

For you, the immediate benefit is that you can simply slide the railing and baluster sections upwards and out from between the posts as needed and back in again in the spring. If that is what you need.

Here is how it works...

Each connector is made of two precisely fitted parts; a male and female with an interlocking tongue. The male part screws onto the end of the 2x4 rail and the female slides and locks on to it.

But to make it really easy for homeowners and DIYers and builders to use quickly, I designed it so that there is lots of "play" or room for error during initial aligning and then it pulls tight as it goes in.

You can actually drop completely assembled railing or fence panels into the female parts screwed on to the posts with perfect precision every time.

The final fit is so precise, the connectors just "lock in place".

Not only can you use each connector for securing the top and bottom rails to each post, but you can also flip them sideways and secure a flat 2x4 over the top rail as a cap rail. It too, becomes easily removable annually if desired. But you could just screw the cap rail to the posts in toe-nail fashion as is often done and then unscrew for removing also. The choice is yours.

And that means, if you ever wanted to - as you say you do - you can just lift the railing section up and out. Do this by placing a small block on the deck 5-6" in front of the bottom rail as a fulcrum. Then use a 2x4 and set it under the middle of the bottom rail and lever it up! Voila!

You are probably wondering what all this means so just watch this short video and see the details I just described.

A Video Says a Thousand Words...

And the Shadow Rail Connector is available now at our store under Railing connectors.

I hope this explanation helps you out and you know that there is a simple beautiful solution to creating a potentially removable deck railing available for you now!

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