Maximum Deck Size Area For Free Standing Deck

by Anonymous

Is there a limit to the size of a floating deck I can build using the Titan Deck Foot anchoring system?

Editor's Comments

The IRC has a provision in Section R403.1.4.1 which allows for the use of non-frost footings when a structure of a certain maximum size or area is not connected directly to the ledger of a house.

This area is 400 sqft I believe, but I am going to verify this and post the exact area limitations to this post to be certain.

So for now, just know that the IRC does envision this kind of construction. They specify that any free standing structure be less than a certain maximum size and that such free standing structures do not have to have frost footings and therefore can be free floating.

Now in practice, you may come across local inspectors that are unaware of this or decide to reduce the area or furthermore apply height restrictions. Such is the power and discretion of some inspectors.

But free standing decks are very common and can easily be built to very high performance standards without the cost of ripping apart the building envelope and having to rebuild, attach and re-flash everything. A typical height limit is around 6' which means that a huge portion of the residential deck market can be a candidate for free standing building techniques.

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