Metal Deck Railing Possibilites

The combinations with metal deck railing components are extensive.

Unique metal deck railing combination of materials

Hybrid railing designs that incorporate the best of metal materials like aluminum or galvanized iron, wood, glass, or stainless steel cables can create endless possibilities.

As you consider how to go about building railings on your deck, keep every style and material option in mind.

We will show you what is possible.

Metal deck railing combinations can be very exciting indeed.

Galvanized Metal Insertable Panels

Wooden posts contrast nicely with galvanized iron baluster and rail sectional insert panels

Contrasting wood and metal for deck railing

This is an affordable way to get both a different look than just completely wood and adding a bit of color and material contrast.

You have a natural material side by side with a durable man made material - metal.

And the installation is quick and easy given the panels are simply cut to length and inserted between posts and fastened.

This is one is made by Fortress Railing Products. Its iron so less expensive than aluminum usually but heavily galvanized for peace of mind.

Simple to install. Durable. Visual appeal from contrasting materials.

Exquisite Metal Rail Examples

Stainless steel frames, posts and cable infill for many different looks.

Modern metal railing design

When you think of metal deck railing, expand your horizons beyond just wrought iron, or aluminum.

Stainless steel can be use for railing posts and the frames.

You can also add in cable for horizontal or vertical infill panels rather than traditional balusters.

This is a very sleek and modern look.

Or mix it up with more traditional wood posts to create an eye catching look.

Traditional white picket rail and metal frame

This is a perfect mix of old world charm and modern world materials. For a Cape Cod beach side home, the architectural style remains honest and true.

But the addition of the 316 stainless wire and cable fittings is the most durable solution for marine environments.

These are examples from Atlantis Rail which is known for making great metal railing systems.

But also check out Feeney and SecoSouth for high quality solutions.

Either way, these rail designs are anything but boring.

A Marriage of Aluminum Metal, Wood, Glass

Few people consider the classic design beauty of building railngs from hybrid materials.

Aluminum wood and glass deck railing over looking beautiful lake

We all know that wood can be susceptible to premature rotting if not built into a railing properly.

That means minimizing wood on wood contact. Keeping posts tops covered or bottoms elevated from pooling water.

But if designed properly as seen here, these cedar posts and louvered panels with indirect lighting are going to last a lifetime.

Here we see aluminum, glass and wood for a beautiful marriage.

Waterproof deck surface with combination metal and glass railing

The aluminum top rail cap sheds water and also provides great strength to the railing frame.

The grooved metal bottom rail securely cradles the large glass panels.

But best of all, this building a railing like this sets your deck apart from the crowd.

If you are incorporating wood posts into a metal railing system or anywhere you want to keep posts off of wet surfaces be sure to take a look at the Titan Post Anchor.

A deck railing that is low in maintenance and high in style.

Ready for An Aluminum Railing Option For Your Deck?

Different Balusters, Posts, Rail Caps and Sectional Inserts

As you have seen there is a lot more to metal deck railing than typical vertical balusters, or even the older wrought iron styles from yesteryear.

Lots of new high quality materials that whether alone or combined together will allow you to design and build a railing that makes your deck shine.

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