Mounting the Stair Rail Post to Concrete Stairs

by MMF
(Worcester, Mass)

I have a solid concrete steps leading for the house down to the walkway. Can the posts holding the rails be attached to the side of the steps?

The width of the path down the stairs would be wider this way and the extra foot or so would be perfect.

The concrete is in great shape except for a 2" x 3" chip right were the top post of the stairs would go (the last post was anchored to close to the edge ). So if anchoring it to the side of the stairs isn't going to work how can I repair the chipped corner so it will be able to support the new post. Thank you for your time its greatly appreciated.

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May 14, 2011
Use long heavy expandable concrete anchors
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

The rail posts can be attached to the side of the structure provided that they are secure enough so that the total span of rail will meet the lateral load standards.

Your best bet is to use 1/2" expandable wedge bolts with some washers between the concrete and the post. But you will need some deep penetration - probably 3" to be safe.

I would not recommend trying to superficially patch the concrete and then use that repair area to attach your post. You will get no bearing strength from it.

Reparing concrete can be done in many ways and can even include some epoxy mixture. Nonetheless, it should not used again for a side mounted post connection as you have described.

An experienced builder in your area can give you even better commentary by actually seeing what you have.

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