Wood Paver Stone Stairs

Wood paver stone stairs are heavier than a traditional set of deck stairs.

Obviously the weight of the stone pavers has to be taken into consideration. You don't want any bounce or sagging over the length of the treads.

So where you would ordinarily have only one midspan stringer, consider adding an additional stringer to be certain that the step is firm and able to carry the weight.

Also, as you can see in this picture, you have to install blocking between each stringer in the riser area for proper backing board or thin stones set into a thinset mortar. The blocking adds more rigidity to the stairs.

These are the key construction details to address as you build a set of wood paver stone stairs.

Framing for wood stairs pavers

The Landing Must Be Firm

Be sure to make the landing area firm and stable.

A weak landing area where some of the stringers do not make even contact will translate into more force being aborbed unevenly by other stringers and stress the stairs leading to potential problems.

So this is how you can build a set of paver stone stairs that will be strong and last a long, long time.

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