Porch Footings And Position Of Support Post Bracket

by JD

Post bracket off to the  far side of the concrete pier

Post bracket off to the far side of the concrete pier

The contractor that is building my home poured the porch footings for my front porch and a few of the support post brackets do not line up well with the concrete piers. The picture below is the worst of them. However, there are a couple others that are partially hanging off the edge.

My contractor says that it is fine since the post bracket is connected to the cement footing. It just doesn't seem right to me but since it would be a major issue to have him redo it on top of the rest of the project I don't know if I should even push the issue.

Is this something I should be concerned about or should I assume that since the code enforcer apparently didn't have a problem with it that I shouldn't worry?

Can the footing be moved or would it have to be removed and poured again? Your feedback is appreciated.

Editor's Comments

Sometimes when digging footings, rocks are encountered and it is easier to move the footing rather than remove the rock. However, the proper thing to do in a really well done job is to remove the rock or obstacle and keep the footing in the correctly planned location.

It is not always fatal to a job to do what your builder did and it may well be fine. But it does indicate that maybe other corners were cut.

When the post bracket is set on the footing the idea is that it will bear on the concrete so that the load is directed down the pier to the footing and to the soil below. If it is serverly off center the concern is that the load is over the edge of the pier and could damage the pier over time.

Again, more investigation would be needed to really answer this question for your case but these are the issues that arise.

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