Post Beam Connector to concrete slab

by Bob
(New York)

I am contemplating a deck over an existing concrete patio that is covered with Slate. The concrete slab happens to be 20 inches deep.

Can I simply attach a Post Beam Connector to the slab?

Should I first remove the Slate or can I go on top of the slate?

The deck will be attached to the house and come out 12 feet and be 27 feet wide.

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Apr 22, 2012
Some stone tile is softer than others
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

It really depends on the compressive strength of slate in consideration of the loads from the tributary areas of the deck (live and dead load) that will be imposed on the slate.

I don't know how dense slate is and it may be fine. But I would probably recommend taking the time to use a water saw or impact chisel and remove each tile where a support post will go to allow you to support directly onto the concrete slab.

There is no question that won't ever cause you problems.

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