Putting gorilla tape or some other product on top of deck joist

I used yellow pine wood for my deck joist because I can not use treated lumber due to aluminum columns holding up the outside of the deck.

I understand treated lumber will cause corrosion with the aluminum. I have stained the wood twice with oil base stain. I am also using composite deck material.

Would it help to put gorilla tape or some other type of material on top of the joist to help prevent water damage to the joists. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Mar 15, 2021
A Leap Forward In Joist Tape
by: Richard

It's been a while since we updated this post. But since it was written a new product has come onto the market that is just like the concept of Gorrila tape except perfectly designed for use as a joist protection membrane.

It's called G-Tape and comes in 2" and 4" wide rolls. It uses an adhesive that is the perfect tackiness for holding to lumber in hot or cold temperatures and can be pulled off and readjusted if necessary. It is also easy to tear into strips using your fingers.

Overall, it is a leap forward in performance and user-friendliness. So if you are interested and want to learn more check it out in our store.

Jul 08, 2012
Lock In Deck Spacers are a great solution
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

There are a number of products that are designed to protect joists from moisture, rot and debris. But best I have found and that I believe is quite inexpensive compared to ice and water shield and cap systems is Lock-In Deck Spacers.

In a nutshell the clip over the joist and also under each subsequent deck board. So no matter what the movement of the joist size or deck boards is, the spacers are locked under and clamp on hard to the joist.

The spacers are arched and shed water and debris safely away from the joists and the boards. So you get all the protection of joist covers but with a much smaller part. Its actually better because even with joist tape etc the joist surface is still flat and so water and dirt can still accumulate.

But they also space each deck board perfectly no matter how long and wide your deck is. So even an amateur can install decking laser straight and fast.

This is an ingenious idea and improvement from the first versions which didn't shed water and debris and became loose over time and fell off.

So do check this out as I think it is potentially the solution you are looking for.

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