Railing height for screened in deck in Ontario

by Janne

We are screening in our deck and as part of this project we'll need to replace the existing railing. The deck is approximately 10 ft. above ground level.

Does screening the deck in change the 42" railing height requirement in Ontario?

Editor's Comments

The National Building Code of Canada which applies to Ontario stipulates that the railing height of decks or balconies that are 1.80m or 5'-11" above grade must have a guardrail that is 42" high. Decks less than 1.80, but 60cm (23-1/2") must have a guardrail that is 36" high.

This differs from the requirements in the United States. So if you live in Ontario or other parts of Canada please note the differences. To get a quick summary of the differences see this railing diagram.

So this is along winded way of saying that you must have a railing at least 42" high for your porch even if it is screened in.

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