Railings in Ontario on 40" high deck

by Dan
(Kingston, ON)

I have a deck that is 40" from the ground and therefore requires "railings" or tempered glass etc...

I am wondering if for example the deck is 40" high from the ground, rather than railings can I put a second level "landing" around the whole deck that is 23" above the ground, then the main deck is 17" above that landing....

If so how wide would the landing need to be - 36" wide or more?
I have a great view of the water and am reluctant to block that out with railings.....

Thanks for any advise.

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Mar 15, 2011
That may work
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

You have the right idea. In Ontario elevated living areas 60 cm or 24" above the next level need a 36" railing. Then anything 180cm or 5-11" above grade needs a 42" railing. So by doing what you are proposing you do in fact fall outside the Ontario and Canadian building code requirements for guard rails.

Mind you, a 17" drop is still a doozie wrap around stairs or a built in bench will provide the basic protection you need.

Also you are correct that you will need at least 36" or it doesn't apply as a landing which must be 36". I would just double check with your towns building department on the landing issue. But if you can meeet that then you should ok.

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