rounding 2x6 boards convex on top?

I have an existing railing with 2x6 redwood boards on top. It's about 100 ft. long in an L shape.

I want to refinish it, but also make a slight convex shape on top across the board so rain will drain off, instead of pooling in the middle of the boards.

A sander is hard to do this with. What can I do?

Editor's Comments:

If you are able to remove the 2x6 boards from the rail then the simplest and fastest way to do this is to use a table saw with a ripping blade set at about 5­° off vertical and leaving about a 2" flat zone in the center of the board.

This will give you the most consistent finish and you could finish up with an nice sanding job.

The other way you could do this while leaving the top rail in place is to use a hand held electric planer. But this requires a steady hand and some experience.

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