Seating the Anchor to Post Bottom

by Alan Pritchard

How much force is needed to get the anchor seated into the 4x4?

After drilling with the hole saw, there is still about 2 inches.

Do you have to pound the anchor that much to get in seated flush?

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Oct 15, 2009
Seating Anchor to Post
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

Yes, you do have to drive the tube into solid wood. That is shown on the videos as well. The hole saw is used only to create a circular pilot cut to make it easier for the sharp tube edge to track and cut into the post.

Using a 3 lbs mallet should should be able drive the tube in the final two inches or so with anywhere between 5-10 good full swings. Make sure you strike the tube evenly or you can drive it in crooked. Striking on the opposite side can pull it back into alignment.

Using the hammer tools makes it even easier. But it works very well with just the 3 lbs mallet. After installing thousands I can assure you of that.

This is for use with pine and cedar. Other hard woods are completely different and there are separate instructions for dealing with hard woods.

The benefit of driving the tube into solid wood is you don't weaken the post walls by boring out a large hole and the friction around the inside and outside of the tube is immense. You can't pull it off. You would have to break the post apart.

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