Securing Wood Post to Concrete with Vinyl Sleeve

by Tate

I would like to replace a 4x4 wood post that previously attached to a deck railing and the roof of my porch. It was about 7.5 feet tall attach to concrete.

I would like to use a Vinyl Post Jacket, Model # 73012479 with a 4x4 preessure treated wood insert.

How do I secure the 4x4 wood insert to the concrete with the vinyl post jacket installed? What solution would be best to secure the wood post to the concrete?

Do I need to look at a vinyl wrap solution? This way I can install the 4x4 pressure treated post insert first and than wrap it with vinyl?

This would be the more expensive route and I was hoping there's a better way.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Jul 14, 2013
The Titan post anchor should work fine
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

The first suggestion I would have is why not use the Titan Post Anchor?

It seems like a perfect solution for your problem. It can be screwed down onto concrete with just four concrete screws. The base is low profile and you should be able to use it perfectly with the vinyl sleeve and the post skirt trim pieces they sell with it.

Every vinyl sleeve I have seen fits over and regular 4x4 post perfectly and then the skirt will cover over the black base of the anchor.

The only thing you have to confirm is that the skirt can give enough room underneath to fit over the base. You will need 5"x5"x .75" (maybe a little less height). Since the skirts that come with the vinyl sleeves are fitted around the sleeve they already have a larger opening and almost always have more than enough room to completely cover the Titan Post Anchor.

That would be my suggestion but if anyone out there has a better idea to help out please say so.

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