Short Fence with Gate on Concrete Slab

by Craig

I would like to put up a 6 foot high fence on the side of the house with a 32" wide gate. The total length of fence and gate is only 57".

The latch side post can be attached to an existing fence and a Titan Anchor but the hinge side has a chimney that I don't want to attach to.

I want to use 2 posts on the hinge side that will span about 24" to help with gate sag. I plan on using 3 of your 4x4 post anchors and will use 1 of your braces on each of the hinge side posts.

I could also connect the hinge and latch side post with a 2x6 with a total clearance of 6'6" to 7ft over the gate if you think it is needed.

Would this be a good application for your Titan post anchors or will the fence be to weak to stand up to the wind and the gate opening and closing.

Editor's Comments

Your ideas are great and should do the trick very well. We don't usually recommend a single 4x4 post that tall to be used as a latch post or to hang the gate from for all the reasons you mentioned.

A 6x6 post is even better for that application. But your design accounts for the lower strength of a 4x4 post by making it part of a 24" two post and fence panel. That will stiffen it up.

Using an arch or overhead brace between posts will certainly eliminate any of the issues also.

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