Ten Simplest Decorating Ideas to increase the value of your Deck

Here are some of the most popular and simple decorating ideas using deck accessories that take will you from ordinary to extraordinary in a flash. See if any of these ideas appeal to you.

Adding lighting, post caps, contrasting wood posts with metal or glass balusters can yield some of the most dramatic effects for any backyard deck.

Our Top Ten recommendations

The selection of items below will, at the very least, serve to stir your imagination of what might make your "outdoor room" perfect for you.  We think they represent the best value for your dollar, particularly because you can use them as much or as little as you wish.  And some times, less is more.

Illuminated Post Caps: Wired

1. A pyramid cap with a band light softens the projection and creates a visual point of interest rather than path lighting which tends to be brighter.  Go learn more.

Or Solar Powered

2. You can eliminate the need for any wiring with the solar powered choices available today.  This example projects the light farther so you have as much visibility as your situation demands.  Go learn more.

Downward Indirect Lighting

3. Using indirect lighting at posts that mark the stairs or entry and exit points of your deck or both safer and stylish.  Go learn more.

Path Way Illumination

4. Stairs or perimeter areas of a deck can benefit by an upward projected swath of light also. 

Aluminum Balusters Kits

5. Simple baluster kits do so much to dress up an ordinary wood railing.  They are truly maintenance free.  And they come in a variety of colors so you really can customize your deck rail. 

Customized With Color And Baskets

You can add visual contrast by mixing or matching decorative balustrade baskets.  Use as few as one, two or three to form a central grouping to achieve an affordable but luxurious appearance. 

Even Simpler

6. Even easier are these bowed aluminum balusters that simply screw on to the face of the 2x4.

Or Add Variety

And then take this concept to the next level with these slightly more complex shaped forms.  Very visually appealing and on the lower end of the price scale. 

The Elegance Of Glass

7.  Jazz up your deck by adding wide panel glass balusters.  You'll get a wide open view and classy look. And they work for stair rails as well. 

One Piece Aluminum Balustrades

8. Ease of installation, longevity and performance, and a smart look are what you will get with sectional one piece aluminum balustrades.  The form snuggly over 2x4 rails and contrast nicely.

Mix Posts With Rails

9. Rugged galvanized iron rail sections fit securely between traditional wood railing posts for a stunning visual display or color and material contrasts.

Simpler Rail To Post Connections

10. Make any basic railing look snazzy and last longer with any of the various 2x4 rail to post connectors.  They simplify installation and some are completely fastener free.  Go learn more.

Close Up On A Beautiful Railing Connection Option

You can make any deck railing look like a craftsman built it with this hidden fastener rail connectors.  It's a simple idea that will make any deck look stunning.

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