Small Deck for Double Wide Mobile Home

My mother lives in a double wide mobile home that has inadequate steps in the front.

I have an area that is 128" long, 72" wide and 32" from the ground that I would like to convert into a small deck with stairs at the 128" side. I cannot go outside of these measurements as it is not allowed by the park.

It is hard to explain without drawings but basically the front door is at the far right of the 128" side and the stairs would be at the far left of the 128" side with the stairs being 72" wide. So it would be something like an 80" x 72" deck - assuming that the run of the stairs does not take up more than 48".

Any suggestions on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated as she expects me to do this for her this weekend.

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Sep 11, 2009
Small Deck Design
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

You're right. It is a bit hard to visualize this without a drawing. But I will try my best.

Your elevation is 32" so using a maximum 8" unit rise and an 11" unit run your total run for your stairs will be about 33". So your stairs are going to need 33" of that 128" of space.

I am going to make a few assumptions - and they may be wrong but without drawings its hard to do.

These assumptions are: the front door is along the l28" side of the deck; another 72" end of the deck butts up against the rest of the home; the other 72" end of the deck is open or away from the house.

If that is the case and you wish to maximize the surface space of this area, consider building your stairs into the outer corner of the deck. Imagine removing a square from the outer corner of the open end of the deck about 33"x36" (maybe wider if you like).

But this would create a small landing area on your deck at the top of the stairs that would be 39" deep (from the side of the house).

That is my idea. If any one else, particularly a seasoned builder has a few comments, feel free to make another helpful suggestion.

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