Simple, care-free maintenance...

"This e-guide will show you how to Snap’n Lock connectors work, how to install them in every situation, and some other tricks for renovating old railings."

"The Snap'n Lock™ Baluster is my lasted idea from workshop and it's going to make your life a lot easier and your world a lot more beautiful!" 

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How to make installation a one man job = save & $$$

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How to easily replace and update old wooden pickets

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How staining or painting maintenance becomes a breeze

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How to install architectural style balusters faster and easier

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How to build stair rails

How our Snap'n Lock technology works

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How to make deck railings that are the envy of the neighborhood

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How Snap'n Lock surpassed engineer testing 

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What users have to say

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How to save money through special inside offers

"What people are saying"

"Absolutely the easiest system I’ve ever used. A fantastic well-developed product. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone building or remodeling a deck.

Jeffrey W. 

"Products are well made and work as advertised. The back deck looks so good now. This winter the side deck wood balusters are coming off and these are going on! They look great and no maintenance worries!

Sheila L. 

This FREE Insider Guide will teach ANYONE how to build faster & easier using the Snap'n Lock™ Baluster System

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Are you a DIYer?

Having confidence to build on your own is crucial. With our step by step illustrations and the ease of using our sideways installed connectors, you will be amazed at how easy it is for one person to install Snap 'n Lock™ Balusters

Are you a Contractor?

Running a business profitably is a daily challenge. Save big money by reducing labor. Working with the Snap'n Lock system is truly a one man job. How many more jobs will you be able to build each year? Be more competitive and more profitable.

"What people are saying"

"Found this product after searching for a replacement for my old 2 in. x 2 in. wooden balusters that I didn't want to paint. The product is high quality and easy to work with. An aluminum cutting blade on a miter saw worked well to cut each baluster pipe to just the right length. The overall look of this product is really good."

Russell T. 

"I am very happy with the finished look and the quality of the parts and service. 

I was remodelling my 400 sq.ft. patio, needed to replace some old wood, stairs, upgrade railings, etc. And it look great now, balusters and board connectors made a big difference in style and appearance. It look totally finished and professionally done. Highly recommend both, they work and look great, parts quality is good and installation was literally a snap and lock for the balusters and all other parts I bought.
Very happy I went with their product, most importantly

wife and my kid are planning to invite friends to spend some time outside, instead of going out.

Alexander K.

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