by Doug

I recently had a deck inspected (final closeout) and it failed due to improper lighting. I have installed solar (high) powered LEDs on every other tread to illuminate the treads; they come on automatically once it gets dark. The comment on the inspection report was "B7.300 stair lighting in violation - solar not approved method"

I'm trying top find out what is REQUIRED and have been unable to get a hold of anyone at the county office. I would rather not have to run electric (yet another $80 permit from the county), and would like to use low-voltage from an existing outdoor outlet if possible.

Would the rope lights along the handrails on either side of the stairs be sufficient to pass inspection? If not, what would get the job done?

Editor's Comments

This sounds almost too silly to be true.

Adding lighting to illuminate stair treads has always been an optional decision and not mandated. Maybe there is some new bylaw regarding the electrical connection but you said it was and LED powered by a solar panel.

If there is anyone from Virigina who has knowledge of what Doug is facing please share your comments with us.

I do hope there is a reasonable and common sense ending to this story as over regulation in areas where there is no real risk can slow or eliminate new innovation and reduce consumer design and creative expression.

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