Steel frame for a deck

by Larry

I would like to build a second floor deck on my two story home. I wanted to use steel bar joist and steel i beams to form the frame then apply composite decking boards to the top of the bar joist. The deck would be 18' long and 14 ' deep.

As it would also serve as a roof for my first story patio the bar joist needs to support the roof members to cover the first floor patio . How tall would the bar joist be?

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Jul 23, 2011
Steel framed joists for decks are possible
by: Editor - Rich Bergman

I don't know how high your bar joist should be unless I had drawings of the rest of the structure. But it sounds like you may be planning to build this deck with steel beams from scratch.

That may not be necessary. There is a great company that has a very nice steel joist system specifically designed for decks that you should check out to see if it any potential for what you are planning to do.

Its called

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