Steel framed deck and waterproof costs

by D J Beers
(Bethesda, MD)

I am designing a 25' x 28' steel framed and covered deck, with waterproofing on both levels (the top roof is partial).

I am using Metwood field cut steel beams that can span 30' with no interior support beams ($9,000). These are spaced 6' apart.

Am using Wahoo dry joist to create waterproof system (with finished ceiling as part of the products design). These are laid perpendicular to the beams and can span openings of 8' without support. I don't have a price on this yet.

Then I can cover the dry joist with whatever I want: tile, trex, cedar, etc, and in ANY pattern desired. I think these are great products if the price comes in right.

Below the lower level will be a large waterproof storage area, play area, whatever. Jazzed. This seems like a great product combo.

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