Step Heights for Tiered Deck Platforms

by Erica
(West Yorkshire, UK)

I wonder whether you can help me?

I am building a three tiered decked platform but want the "steps" to act as seating and bench areas.

I have the first level at 0.25m (10") and the second two at 0.375 metres (15.5") - I think that this is adequate for the seating height of the top two tiers, but do you think 0.375 (15.5") is correct for people to able to "step" up onto? Your help would really be appreciated!

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Jan 03, 2012
Couple of practical concerns
by: Editor-Rich Bergman

If you would like each deck to be like a step but also a bench there are a couple of practical issues you have to consider. And keep in mind I am looking at this from the North American code perspective.

A true step can not have a single unit rise greater than 7-3/4" (19-20cm). A typical bench for seating that feels comfortable for the average person has a height of about 16" (40cm).

Also guard rails are required at certain minimum elevation differences between adjacent surfaces. In the US that is 30", in Canada it is 24" (60cm). I don't know what it is in the UK but there will be some standard.

I don't think you are going to require a guard rail even at your 37.5cm height difference as that is only about 15.5".

But from a practical point of view that is one giant step. And it is also dangerous for most people particularly the elderly and the inebriated. So yes what you have will work but without drawings to visualize your concept those would be my concerns.

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